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Daycare in an idyllic location


Joensuu English Language Kindergarten

We are one of the oldest private day care providers in Joensuu. The kindergarten was established in 1976 and many generations of children have been cared for and educated by us. In September 2015 we moved to the idyllic villa of Linnunniemi, located 2.5 kilometres (or a 5 minute drive) from the city centre. Linnunniemi with its forest trails, wildlife and lake surroundings provides an ideal setting for learning and play.

We are known for providing the children with top-quality day care and education in a safe, homey environment. Our community is made up of both Finnish and international families, who value the fact that our class sizes are kept small and we are able to teach children both Finnish and English.

Although we are a private kindergarten, we are not a business: the kindergarten is run by the Parents’ Association. Since we operate on a non-profit basis, our only aim is to make sure that both the children and the staff are happy at the kindergarten. Our day care services are inspected and regulated by Joensuu City Council.


It is possible to visit the kindergarten before you make the decision to apply. We would be happy to show you around!


​English Language at the Kindergarten

The children are not expected to know any English before they start at the kindergarten. Our main method for language acquisition is learning through play. In addition to learning English via songs, rhymes, books and stories, the children learn English through day-to-day activities and conversations with staff. During playtime the children are able to choose which language they want to speak with each other.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to familiarize the children from an early age with different cultures and languages through everyday activities. One of our leading principles is to raise children who appreciate and respect diversity, and are able to flourish in our multicultural community. As both the children and staff come from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds, our community is inherently diverse. We learn about each other’s cultural backgrounds through various activities and theme days.

We operate in two languages, Finnish and English. We have both native Finnish and native English speakers among our staff.

One of our principles is that the formal English language teaching is provided by the teacher whose native language is English. However, in addition to formal teaching sessions, English language is used in the day-to-day activities and conversations. English speaking staff members only speak English with the children and the Finnish speaking staff encourage the use of English and lead the little learners by example.

Environmental education is also close to our hearts and we aim to teach the children to respect the natural environment. Our location amidst the lakes and forests provides ample opportunities for outdoor play, as well as exploring the wonders of nature and learning about the local flora and fauna.


​Class Sizes

The maximum capacity of the kindergarten is 27 children aged three to six years.

The preschool class has seven to ten children, while the little ones’ section consists of approximately 17 to 20 children, aged three to five years.

The preschoolers and little ones co-operate a great deal, and everyone is together during meals, free playtime as well as outdoor sessions.

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