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The English Kindergarten 

Get to know us

At least one of our teachers is a native speaker of English, which means that English is spoken with the children throughout the day. Our motto is ”learning by doing” and we encourage the children to use foreign languages according to their own skills and competences. We make language learning fun!

We pride ourselves on having a professional team of teachers and child care experts, most of whom have worked together for many years, demonstrating a commitment and loyalty to the kindergarten and the children. We apply the latest research into our teaching methods and provide opportunities for continuous training and professional development for our staff members. All of our staff members have been trained
to apply positive pedagogy when working with the children.

In conflict situations we use the miniverso-method, which is based on peer mediation and restorative practices. Please read more about the peer mediation method here: [linkki: ]


Our Head Teacher Marita has worked at the kindergarten for over three decades and possesses a huge
wealth of experience. In addition to being the pedagogical and administrative leader of the kindergarten,
she is also in charge of the Finnish language pre-school education.
Marita is passionate about animals, wildlife and the environment. She is a member of the early childhood
environmental educators’ team of Joensuu City Council. Marita thinks that the Linnunniemi area provides
fantastic opportunities to learn about nature and wildlife first-hand.
Continuous training and professional development are also very important to Marita, who recently attained
another qualification, this time in the field of neuropsychiatry.


Trish has been the English teacher at Enkku since August 2012.  After becoming a teacher in Canada in 2001, Trish moved to China where she worked for 11 years on Mainland China and in Hong Kong.  This has given her a broader understanding of many cultures as she was able to experience them through the environment, as well as through friends who came from a variety of countries.  Trish enjoys traveling, photography, running, baking and reading.  Whenever possible, she tries to incorporate these in her teaching.


Niina is a practical nurse and has graduated from a training programme that specialises in child care and
education. Niina provides physical, emotional, social and intellectual care for the children at the
kindergarten. In addition to child care duties, Niina is also in charge of the kitchen.
While at work, Niina loves the craft and music sessions, as well as doing physical exercise with the children.
Niina is a trained cross-country ski teacher and during the winter season the children get to practice skiing
together with her.


Anne is a practical nurse by education and, just like Niina, her role is to provide physical, emotional, social
and intellectual care for the children. She has worked at the kindergarten since 2006 and is known for her
ability to see the world through the eyes of the children. You will often hear the children say things like:
”Anne, please tell us another silly story” or ”Anne is such a silly sausage!” – all testament to Anne’s playful
sense of humour.
Anne loves animals, music, photography and watching films.

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